Extra Virgin New Zealand High Oleic Rapeseed Oil

The Good Oil is grown in South Canterbury and Southland where, in early summer the fields come to life with brilliant golden rapeseed flowers. Once harvested the rapeseed is delivered to Pure Oil New Zealand’s modern crush plant in Rolleston, Canterbury where it is cold pressed, with no added heat or chemicals, to extract the oil.


Versatility for Passionate Home Chefs

The Good Oil is extracted using the gentle cold-press method. Retaining all of the natural flavour, aroma, and nutritional value of the rapeseed.

The premium quality oil has a delicate mildly nutty taste, which compliments other food flavours without overpowering. The mild taste and high smoke point of The Good Oil make it the ideal oil for New Zealand’s diverse cooking styles, including:

  • Frying
  • Roasting
  • Baking
  • Salads
  • Dips
  • BBQ

Sustainable & Traceable Quality

Pure Oil New Zealand has full oversight of the growing and oil production process. The utmost care is taken throughout the whole supply chain.

This begins with supplying GE free seeds for planting and diligent oversight of the growing and harvesting of the rapeseed crop by our dedicated Agronomy team. Once harvested the seed is carefully stored in the correct conditions before cold pressing. Once the oil has been cold pressed from the seed without the use of heat or any chemicals, it is triple filtered and bottled in-house.


Ease for Busy Home Cooks

The Good Oil’s high stable monounsaturated fat content, freshness and quality provide heat stability and a high smoke point. Making it the ideal oil for frying, roasting and baking.

The Good Oil’s deliciously golden colour, fresh cold pressed flavour and delicate aroma make it a natural choice for dipping, dressings and salads.

Natural Nutrition

The ‘High Oleic’ rapeseed used in the production of the Good Oil provides a unique, beneficial balance of fats:

  • Low in saturated fat – 50% less than olive oil.
  • High in stable, healthy monounsaturated fat.

The Good Oil is a fresh and minimally processed oil. Naturally rich in Vitamin E, an essential vitamin and beneficial dietary antioxidant.



The Good Oil is sold nationwide from selected supermarkets,
find out below where you can purchase.

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